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Round Table on Europe 2030, with the participation of Seville

September 1, 2017 Compartir
The San Francisco de Paula International School hosted a round table organised by SingularityU Seville Chapter on the evolution of Europe towards 2030, the dicsussion was approached from three different perspectives. Juan Estheiman Amaya, a renowned representative of the European Youth Parliament introduced the topic. Seville's Mayor, Juan Espadas, discussed the role of youth in the social evolution and looked into how citizens are a key element in the evolution of our society. Luis Rey, Ambassador of SingularityU Seville Chapter, talked about exponential technologies and their implications in many aspects our daily life. Jose Isaías Rodríguez, representative of the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations) in Brussels, shared his expertise on Europe, discussed the relation between Spanish companies and the EU authorities and highlighted Europe's leadership over the next two decades.
This event was also the closing of the 3rd National Training of the European Youth Parliament in Spain, which took place in Seville during the previous days.
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