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Pablo Vidarte presents his book "Una nueva tierra" (“A new Earth”)

May 25, 2018 Compartir
Pablo Vidarte presented his first book, ‘Una nueva tierra’ , at Cajasol Foundation, in which he analyzes the changes that society is facing in the coming decades thanks to technology and science. During his presentation, he pointed out that the book is based on a philosophical-scientific position in which he addresses immortality and opens a new field with the ‘Trascentism”, publishing the first book of this philosophical trend based on the possibility of creating a collective awareness and a programmed senescence.  
According to Vidarte, we  will soon go from the overabundance in matters such as food and transport to the superabundance in general and the human being will approach biological immortality thanks to the modification of telomerase, an enzyme present in DNA. In fact, he gave examples of biologically immortal living being such as jellyfish or hydra. Pablo also spoke about the economic future, assuring that in two decades 47% of the current workers of the United States will lose their jobs and that at the end of the century only 1% of the world's population will work. Thus, the author says that companies and government should implement a new economic system based on a basic universal income so that the population does not lose its consumer character.   
Pablo Vidarte, who attended the Singularity University Summit held in Budapest in 2013, is included in the ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ list since he was 20 years old;  he featured in the 2017 Astana International Expo, he was awarded by the Madrid Science Park and he has several international awards in London, Bucharest, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid, among many other countries. It has been recognized by Google and the South Summit of 2016 as the most disruptive company of the year.
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